Suggestions for forums?
  • Have an idea, or request for forum that isn't already here then let us know! We want to keep it fairly narrowed down but if there is an area that you think needs it's own forum or sub-forum then let us know!
  • A general "Voice Acting Tips" or something like that under "Technical Aspects" would probably be a wise investment.
  • Most forums I have frequented have had a "Get to know you" thread. Hello I am such and such and I do such and such. Community building is a good idea and having a shared identity (ie I make audiobooks) helps us feel better and that our contributions to the fandom  have a shared purpose that meshes with the creative efforts of everyone else. I am thrilled to meet others who do audiobooks. I want to thank you for this privilege. -Illya
  • Who started this mess? I demand to know!
    Was that you, Mr. Narrator? Are you the perpetrator behind this foul deed!?
  • Mostly! existed first, they just agreed to host a forum!
  • You bastard! I'll kill you with HUGS!!
  • There needs to be a group that looks for and adds audiobooks from youtube or at least contacts the readers and asks them if they want to put their work here. Forest Rain is partway through the second Upheaval book yet it is not listed on this site yet. Also, it would be nice to have genre tab that you can click to get a list of books in that genre filtered for your liking. Lastly there should be clopfics but they should be hidden same with grimdark and other adult books unless you sign up and check a box saying you want to see those genres. That last option should only be visible if you enter your birthday and you are of age to listen to such books. Such settings would make me feel more comfortable as a parent.
  • As for the forums... forums are forums. Not much to suggest on that.
  • Well, the problem with searching out and adding stuff is is there is  A LOT of it out there.  I first started out trying to keep public list of stories etc, but it quickly became obvious that there was more out there than one person cna reasonably deal with.  What we need is for the creators/authors to first know about the site then post their work.  If someone else want's to do that for someone then more power to them but doing yourself is a chore.  Downloading it all -assuming there's an MP3 out there to download, and then uploading it etc..
  • I also sent notes to a number these folks a while back, Forest included, but I doubt they ever saw it.

  • Hey Daisy (And everyone else for that matter) If you know any other narrators , like Forest etc., please feel free to let them know about the site.  While EQD did put us in the roundup it was during Bronycon and was completely lost in the chaff.