ID3 tags - if you don't fill them, no one would
  • ID3 tags - are the stuff listener sees in his player/playlist, like "Author", "Album", "Title" and other information of varying usefullness. Many authors forget to add them to their mp3s.
    You can read about them here:
  • Heh, you're right. I forget all the fricking time.
  • This has always been a major pet peeve of mine, but there was never really a place to vent my thoughts. Thanks for that =)

    On a related note, what dimensions do you guys use for album art?
  • I actually have not bothered with the album art..tho it somehow picks up the picture I use for my youtube uploads, somehow...magic! 
  • Do you export straight from the program (Adobe Audition, if I recall)? If so, that's a pretty cool feature lol. I use Windows Movie Maker to convert the audio to video for YouTube, which has an option to upload from the program, but I still prefer to handle everything manually.

    Also, at least for people who use Audacity (which as far as I know doesn't have tools for album art), I recommend MP3Tag for that. It lets you edit most common tags as well as add and even remove art from tracks.
  • Well, I use more that just Audition.  I really need to standardize...honestly it depends on how lazy I'm feeling.   Typically I do all the grunt work in Audition and export it as a flac, then add the intro and outro music in Audacity and render the MP3 that I then use in the video for I use the tags in Audacity.   I keep meaning to 'standardize' how I work but I never seem to get around to it.  I try to keep a track without the intro and outro music...keep planning on creating a chapter 1-10 MP3 for folks but..again..never seem to get around to it like I plan.
  • I do my best to develop standards from the get-go (using chains in Audacity for example, and presets in Windows Movie Maker), and they have helped to keep me consistent and speed up the process. The problem is that as I learn and improve more and more, my standards are constantly growing and evolving. Some things I've managed to keep the same however, such as album art, since I made all 52 chapter images at the same time.
  • Yeah, I know what you mean there.  I do try to be consistent once I find something that works..then later I'll think "Well..let's try it this way.." I have my recording process down pretty much, it's the editing that I'm working on the most.