Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons


    Porject Horizons's hub on Google Docs: http://goo.gl/Rfs3W

    So here it is, a thing I've started doing after goofing around with some buddies showed me I should have gotten into acting way sooner than I did.
    That's what this is to me: practice in (voice) acting, with a script that's comfortably long and written well enough to be entertaining for everyone, without feeling like a big deal. Because, you know, as much as I enjoy Somber's prose, it's pony fanfiction, not Euripides or Shakespeare.

    You don't probably care about all that though. What you will care about is that this has been my first undertaking of the like. As such, it's rough. Very.
    My acting often comes forced, my accent is weird because I'm not a native English speaker and my vocal range is still rather limited. Also, I sing in there. I'm not even kidding.

    Luckily for all of us, I've been improving with time. Having started in February, it's actually quite curious how different I sound already.
    So let's just pretend the first five chapters don't exist. Mr. Somber's Wild Ride starts with BJ & co. hitting the Fluttershy Medical Center and making Prince Splendid's aquaintance. That's about the point I can look at and honestly feel I start to suck a bit less. It's also a chapter with a lot of singing, though.


    I should have just collected stamps.
  • We should all collaborate on some project...

  • Indeed we should, that would be a great idea. I'll keep an eye out for a short fic we could work on toghether as a try run.
  • Oh that would be a lot of fun. Would we need to do various people at various voices, of would there be another way to divide it? I like the idea of this a lot.
  • I think it depends on how deep you want to go down that particular rabbit hole.  Could be everything from just a few people each doing the dialog of various characters and or a narrator depending on the PoV - to a full blown radio drama.   How long the work is too.  Doing something relatively short compared to some monster like FoE: Horizons.   The Radio drama route takes it to a whole new level of production and time.
  • Making a full-fledged radio drama out of a fic would probably require some adaptation of the original text, so I don't know about that.

    I think a very important requirement is that there be very few to no female characters, because I fear it would feel quite weird to give a unique voice to each character and then have females voiced by dudes: alas, I think we're all gentlemen here.

    Also, for an initial project, like EN said it should be fairly short.

    One possible candidate that comes to mind is FoE: Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal, but that would accomodate at most two voice actors, one for Ol' Pal and another for the narrator/protagonist.
  • I'm up for a collab or radio play. That would be so much fun. :D
  • It would be fun, thought have to start out small, I think.  My next project, which I'll be starting shortly as I'm getting close to catching up with No-One on Heroes, is going to be Pink Eyes...however I think I'll have problems being Puppy Smiles, it's hard enough doing Serentiy out of heroes.  Pink eyes would be a kinda cool one to do.  It's relatively short. Hmmm.. Miza, could do you a Puppy Smiles? :)  We would do a medium stress Radio Play of it.  Multiple people for voices and moderate effects but not really re-writing the whole thing for format and heavy foleywork etc..  Could do a demo test run of a part of a chapter and see how it goes?
  • Hm! While it certainly is no Project Horizons, Pink Eyes still runs some 130k+ words and has quite a large number of characters. I'm not too sure how it would sound having several VA's voice multiple characters. I think you might get better results if you keep it just between the two of you, Miza voicing Puppy and EN doing everything else.

    What would be much more approachable as a group project in my opinion are both Gardener and Blank Slate (totally not furthering my own cause, here).
  • I could and would love to. However, I definitely think we would need more than just the both of us. Not a large group, but maybe 4 people? Just to give us enough variety. I think it would be a lot of fun.

    [EDIT]: BTW, Aanok, your voice... It's gorgeous. 
  • What MIza said.  Not a huge cast but 3-4 people.  Pink eyes is not that big, trust me, lol.  Most of the chapters are 8-9 word count...and after doing some of No-Ones 21k chapters that seems like a cake walk!  It would talk a lot longer to do, no doubt, but I think the end product would be pretty nice. Well, it's not going to happen -right- away, but once I catch up to No One on Heroes that will free me up and Pink Eyes was to be my next project.   I should be caught up on Heroes in January sometime.  
  • Haha, thank you Miza. You should try listening to Illya next, I swear to God that man's throat must not be human.

    At any rate, my only fear with trying to cover too many roles with not that many VA's is that things might end up sounding a bit... well, cheap. On the other hand, if you kept it between the two of you you could get away with an "Equestria Narrator, guest starring Miza Radioaktiv" sort of deal.
    I'm just saying I think there's fics that would work better with a smallish cast, is all. Pink Eyes can certainly be done the way you propose and if you did want to make this a larger group effort, I'd very much like to take part!
  • I'm on your side as well.

    Comrades, TO ARMS!!