Hotmail accounts no longer allowed.
  • Hotmail is no longer allowed to be used for account registration.   Every hotmail account that has registered for this site, and there have a been ALOT, have all be spam bots.   Besides, who still uses hotmail, anyways?

  • I can't remember if there's one already in place, but what about a confirmation email for registrarion? Or a captcha, maybe. There still are people using Hotmail around, unfortunately.
  • A majority of the spambots are blocked, most of them are coming from China....but Hotmail is a favorite for them.  There is Captchya and confirmation that catches a lot of them but still a few sneak by somehow.

  • I set up a gmail account specifically for the forum, but I mistakenly entered the wrong address during sign-up.
    I need to change it, but the 'Edit My Account' dialog won't accept and address change.
    How should I proceed?
  • Ruthalas, sorry for the delay, let me see what I can do - What should the address be?
  • I'd like it to be '[email protected]'

    (Heh, I forgot about it too!)
  • Excellent. Thanks Equestria Narrator!