I found another good one!
  • Two Background Ponies Eating Cookies reads pretty much like a stage skit and is rather funny too. It's about two guys discussing inconsistencies in the world of Equestria, and it's an all OC cast too, (Looking at you, Aanok and Equestria Narrator). it's 4000 words, but as much as I like it, I do wish the author would give it a different ending.
  • Humm!  I'll have a look, sounds like a fun little side project :3
  • Downloaded! Will read and get back to you.
  • Hah! Not to bad this one, I like it. How about making it a group thingie?
  • Could do, but seems only two would be needed?  Unless you wanted to go a more radio play route (which seems doable with something this size) and pull in others for various work.
  • Well, there's two characters, a waitress with a single line and a narrator, so maybe three voices total? If we wanted to add background noises we could pull them from a sound effects library, there's many free online.
  • I don't know if there even should be a narrator...just the dialog with some foley work for noises and yes a wait person etc. but not sure the non spoken should be done.. I mean it could be..that's on way to do it but I think just the dialog going back and forth would be good too. 
  • Oh, I see. An ambitious plan, I like it! So who'd be in for this? I'd be fine both with editing or voice work, given this is pleasantly short.
  • I think I'll leave this to you guys. Unless you really feel you need the help of another.
  • Aanok,

    So, which one do you want to be?  Any preference?
  • Ah, tits. I'd like not to be the twat who went and forgot all about this thing altoghether. I'll add you on Skype in a moment.

    My thoughts were that you could be Carl and I'd do Sam and editing/direction.
  • EqN, don't know if you've started working on this already. I know I
    haven't, sorry. I've only started moving today, I've sent a message to Piccolo Sky, the author, asking
    for his thoughts on the matter and if there would be any changes he'd
    make to the text to better adapt it into a script. If you've got
    something done already we'll work around it. Also, feel free to send me
    stuff as you come up with it and not in one block, so we can work in
    smaller steps.

    I know I'd originally told you I'd start working
    on this sooner but I've found myself busier than planned for a number of
    reasons. Rest assured that we are getting this done at some point.

    EDIT - I got an answer and he told me (as espected) he thinks it's fine as it is. We proceed.
  • I have not :P  Pretty much in the same spot you are in, RL taking up time with some classes for work and we're in the middle of building a barn.  Hoping for next week to record some lines.
  • Eqn, I was recording Sam's lines earlier today and noticed a passage, right at the end, which we should probably edit for clarity's sake:

    "Still smiling, Carl picked up one of the cookies still left on the plate, and held it up in a toasting gesture.

    "To Equestria.""

    As I can't possibly think of a good combination of SFX that could convey a toasting gesture, I was thinking this should become

    "To Equestria, a toast."

    Also, I was pondering over the waitress character and wondering if we could make it proper with a female voice actress. Do any of you have a friend you could ask? Otherwise, I might go and ask SqueakAnon from Pony In A Box (Doctor Whooves Adventures, Tales of a Junktown Pony Peddler etc.), whom I sort of know, if he could lend me one of his VA's or give me someone's contact.

  • Hmm, sound good about the toast...perhaps some Foley work as well, which should not be too hard.   As for a female, I suppose I could did someone up out of the local Brony group but I don't have anyone in mind right off hoof.  If you Squeak would be up for just a bit of lines go for it!   As for MY lines, I was going to do this last week after my recording but I ended up with a chest cold and am just getting over it - Good thing tho it made my voice so rough and low I recorded some specific lines for a "The Voice" last night, an entity that shows up in the next chapter of Heroes...so that's something at least!
  • Ah, yes. I've used that pesky sore throat I get when I've just woken up in the morning to record some raspy characters too.

    I'll drop Squeak a line, then. There's no rush, at any rate.
  • Working on my stuff at the moment, I've also sent a query to Petirep (Rainbow Dash Presents artist) to see if I could commission him to do this in that style..  I suspect he's too busy, but nothing to loose. I would love to do this in that format and style, fit's just right!
  • Okay, my lines are done. Just post your file somewhere and I'll start editing.  Petirep also cannot help out, he's in the middle of moving to another country. :(  Tho, I don't think we should give up on that style of still frame 'animation' .

  • Also got someone to do the waitress :)
  • Great! I know a few people who draw ponies, maybe I'll be able to get us a frame or two drawn.
  • I've got flash..I think I can do it with the many puppet rigs out there already.
  • Looks like you guys are putting great efort into this. Jolly gooneod show.

    I would think art wouldn't be all that necessary, but hey, if you could get it d, that would be rather nice.

  • Well, I wasted this week mostly...freaking Assassins Creed 3 I picked up on sale a while back...sucked all my free time up this week.  :p  Tho I've started working on the flash bit..just to figure it out.  If this turns out like I envision it's going to be hysterical. 
  • Consider yourself virtually beaten with a stick :p
  • I know, I know!   It's just a good game...well..I like the story.  Good acting too! 
  • Any updates? :)
  • Not much progress right now, we're in the middle of building a barn and the holidays are upon us as well.  Slow going. :p
  • ♫ Raise this barn! Raise this barn! One, two, three, four. Together we can raise this barn; one, two, three, four! ♫

  • I can totally picture EN quietly mumbling that to himself as he works :p
  • Okay, this is my #2 priority now after I get the next chapter of Heroes out.  I'm ashamed to say I've done very little work on it yet but I really want to get this out.  

  • Just so you know I have NOT forgotten about this...I am just lazy and indolent!    I have the files sitting here..just waiting for me. Soon..I hope..soon.  I'm not going to bother with the RDP animation thing for now...that's what has really been holding things up.  That's turned out to be easier said than done so I'm just going to do the audio and worry about the extra stuff later.

  • Hahaha, good to hear :D
  • I'm actually working on it right now.  I may have you re-do a few things here and there, if that's okay.  I'll post a link to the first pass for you listen to and see.

  • Also - Still need a bit at the end there and need to get a Female to play the waitress who asks if they want any milk....which causes them both to wretch :3 
  • Aye, I see what you mean. You've generally kept a livelier tone (which is good) and we don't bounce too well against each other, especially early on. I'll try and rerecord things, possibly today already. Do tell me what specific parts you think need work.

    By the way, are we still good with the waitress?
  • Re Waitress, I think so.  I need to ask..but it should not be hard finding someone to record that once sentence. 

    As for what parts, I need to listen back through and note them down.   I recorded mine as if I was having a conversation, your lines were a bit more stiff and forced here and there.   It may be easier now that you have my side if it...do you think you could make it sound more natural and use my side to 'bounce' off of, as it were? Basically have to act the part, but I don't know how good/comfortable you are with that or if having to do it in English makes it more difficult??  I suspect it does but since I'm one of these mono-language Americans I can only guess :)

    Also  - I don't know why but your posts keep getting caught by the spam filter!! 
  • I think it might be because of that handful of links I put in the forced alignment thing thread.

    EDIT - It also seems to be gone.
  • Hey hey! it's sounding great to me!

     Cut and print! Beautiful!

    I even have a reward for all you guy's hard work. :D

  • Oh dear. That's Scribbler, innit? Hah, thank you both!
  • I just need to get off my duff and put the new recording done, the re-record is much better now that Aanok had something to bounce off of, as it were.  I am almost done with FOE: Heroes - 2nd to last (Currently the last anyways) Chapter is in the can and rendering now...one more and I'll be caught up and that will free me up to get other things done..until No One puts out the next chapter..which I think he may be waiting on me :3.   And yes, thanks for the female lines, perfect!    
  • Hey EN, college is letting me breathe a bit more these days, so I can take care of editing if you're pressed for time. Considering DeftFunk and Scribbler have been nice enough to lend us a hand, it'd be nice to see this work completed :)
  • I'm not pressed, I'm lazy, lol.   Actually I just caught on the Heroes narration so am starting to work on other things now, including this.
  • I'm actually doing the 2nd edit pass now, although I'm going to have a few things for you to re-do Aanok...have to put on my directors cap!!   I'll do a take on it to give you an idea.  Not much, just a couple of things where the inflection sounds off.  And you your Huh?s are very un Huh?-y :3  Need more of a questioning tone them.  We might be able to do it via Skype too, if we're both around at the same time.

    ALSO, I'm in talks with Crikey Dave to do the animation I really want to do... this is the same guy who did the Vinyl and Neon and Galacon promos :3

  • Okay!  2nd Edit pass done, here it is:  https://www.mediafire.com/?44945bh6cxdeb5d

    This still needs some audio clean up and some time tweaking but I'll worry about that during the final mastering.

    Also, we'll need to get Scribbler to re-do her takes, if she's willing....I'll e-mail her.  The stuff  pulled down was recorded at a lower sample rate and you'll hear that in this edit pass, it's obviously lower quality and stands out like a sore thumb.  Not sure if that is a limitation of her mic or if she was just not recording at 44HZ.

  • And that isn't Scribbler!  I think Deft is the culprit!  

    Edit - Wait, no!  It IS Scribbler!  Talkin to her now, lol.
  • She's sending me the original file, which is at 44Hz, so all is well!
  • If what you say it true, the fault actually lies with Vocaroo, not Scribbler.

    Sorry guys, I was unaware that Vocaroo so thusly hindered the audio quality of files. Live and learn.

    I assume she already sent you the original file, but if she didn't, I still have it as well.

  • It's all good, I got the original file!