Crazed Rambling throws in the towel on Project Horizons.
  • So, some of you probably already know, but Crazed Rambling is quitting his narration of Horizons after chapter 19"

    He sites college and other real life things taking up his time and the desire to peruse a professional VA career (Can't fault him there!).  Shame to see him go.  I've offered to pickup Horizons where he leaves off but getting in contact with him seems to be nigh impossible.  Rather large take to take on as well but, what the heck.

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  • I'm happy to see him trying to pursue a VA career. His audiobooks do tend to be monotonous at times, but you can definitely tell he has it in him to become really good.
    Also, it's funny. Considering I haven't put out a new chapter since July (although I have been working on one now and then), I had stopped getting new subscribers on YouTube, but I've had a few new ones since CR's video. I suppose people are looking for alternatives.

    At any rate, my initial plan with PH was to reach the end of Volume 2, a goal I had already abandoned some time ago for a more realistic end of Volume 1 (which would be a couple chapters away from where I am now, probably around four hours of edited recording). With news of CR's retirement, I have toyed with the idea of going back to the initial plan, but ultimately decided against it. I started recording a dramatic reading of PH because I wanted something long (to hopefully hear a progressive improvement), popular while still mostly uncovered (to get views and thus precious, oh, precious feedback) and with good enough prose. But I just lost motivation along the way, both getting fed up with the constant cheap drama regurgitated by the plot and getting tangled in other real life things.

    You're in for a hell of a ride, is what I'm getting at.
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  • Yeah, I'm not entirely sure I want to take it on...mainly due to the sheer size.  I've not read past chapter 8, I think, so I only know some sketchy background on the story as a whole.
  • Well, the general consensus on 4chan is that Volume 1 is very good, Volume 2 is passable and everything from Volume 3 onwards is nothing but putrescence. This has been somewhat admitted by Somber himself and stems mostly from the story moving away from original plans and being diluted with way too many side plots, as well as from a number of issues with the characters, way too much grimdark and a general disregard for original FoE canon. I'd suggest reading way ahead before making a decision.

    At any rate, I want to rectify what I said before about CrazedRambling: some of his older recordings sound like a bit of a drone, but his recent stuff is really good. I wonder if he's straight gone to an acting school or if he's pulling a cautious Andrea Libman and he's taking a more marketable degree as a safeguard.