VAs - Check this out -
  • Waveform, a fellow VA working on a few of the same projects I am, pointed me to this site:

    An interesting way to move in the pro field without having to move to LA and join the Screen Actors Guild.    It's a paced is a phrase I would use.   When casting starts you have little time before it gets 'filled up' ...only so many slots are open for auditions and it gets cut off after that, we're usually talking minutes here.   Ranges from everything to games, news, radio adds, Phone systems etc..  AND, if you get the role you get paid for it.  Not a lot, mind you, and it depends on the scope of the role as well.  Waveform make 45 bucks by getting int an up and coming game.  Better than a kick in the head.  I've not landed anything yet but I've auditions for a number of things, some still outstanding as to who will be chosen.  

  • I comment further on this .  VB is an offshoot of  Voice123 is not a free either.  You can get a free account but it is nearly useless.  The membership there is nearly 400 dollars a year.   Steep to be sure, but I guess this filters out those we are not serious about it.  A bit of a pay to play model.  They do their best to get you into the membership as well by sending you casting calls for roles you cannot put in for either as paid members get direct invites...kind of a "See..see what you're missing out on?" 

    Another site is, which is similar to Voice123 in the model but they have a 40 dollar monthly account...cheaper at the front but in a years time you'll end up paying a lot more.  But, both of these sites have much higher rates as well.   Seems to me more of an 'investment' unless you become wildly successful.   The hardest part about going Pro is it is a cut throat business and you have build yourself up from some where if you want to make it in the industry.

  • I have encountered these sites before and have found that they are not for me. But hey, good luck to all those who do try here.
  • It depends on where you're trying to move.  I've signed up for, and  I've got the paid accounts for moth the first two as well to give them a try. costs nearly 400 bucks a year - but if you sign up with a free account and do not go premium they will send you a '100 dollars off!' offer in about a week. is actually more expensive at 40 bucks a month, but they let you pay monthly rather than per yeah. 

    As I said it depends on where you want to go.  Me, I want out of IT and would love to go pro as a VA/VO artist but it is a cut-throat business. There's a lot of us out there all competing for the same work and that is not even Union jobs.... Speaking Union..holy freaking christ getting a SAG membership is a complete bunch of hoop jumping bullshit.  #1 when the SAG website has on it's page an ad for "Initiation Fee Loans Now Available!" you know it's a bunch of bullshit.  And even being ALLOWED to pay to get in you still have to have all these criteria to meet that, to me, seem like it's specifically designed to keep people out.  You need have X to join, but to Get X  you need Y..and to get Y you need X..."  Anyways...I digress...

    I'm not expecting to make oodles of cash with these sites, but they are a way to get some work under your belt and establish a track record for down the road.  I've got the scrap to pay for them, so I'll give them a go.  I already got a small thing from Voicebunny, and I know another guy who got a game role for the new Wasteland 2 game too.  Gotta start somewhere....