Accoustic Treatments
  • Thought I would share my experience with trying to damp down the acoustics in my recording area.  I don't have the luxury of having a big closet to hole up in etc, so I used a few various things like a mic shield and foam behind the area to keep the reverb down.   The room itself has carpet, and plenty of soft stuff around that kept reverb down a lot, but if I ever had to get loud it would start to stand out.  I went as far as switching to a Shure SM7B Dynamic mic as it cuts out more off axis sound but it still was not really enough.  This usually ended up with my speaking very close to the mic, which in turn I had to adjust just so to avoid plosives and the like (Mic at an angle etc..even with a pop screen).  I finally decided to do something about it and bought a 5 pack of Audiomute Sound Absorption Sheets.  They are cheap, relatively speaking.  250 bucks for 5 sheets...which to some is not cheap but I gotta say they do the trick.   I hung them around and enclosed my recording area, using the 5th as a roof for the whole thing and wow, no reverb now!   They are tall enough that hung lengthwise they reach from the ceiling to the floor and it's like stepping into a vocal booth.  I've moved back to my Condenser Mic and can now sit back a bit without having to be close to it.

    A lot of other ways to get similar results like hanging thick blankets etc. but these work a treat as they are meant to be hung, so have the eyelets to do so.  I'll take pictures and post them once I get home.