An ideal fic for multiple narrators
  • And when I say 'multiple' I mean two.

    In Which Twilight Sparkle Attempts to Eat a Sandwich (which I say could use a better title) Is a story in which twilight attempts to eat a sandwich (in case you couldn't guess) but then each of her friends show up and tell wildly differing stories in an attempt to dissuade her. It's to me like it would be pretty cool to have a couple narrators read thies, one for 'in story' and one for 'out of story' on top of that, it's a pretty entertaining fic.

    Just thought I'd throw that idea out there. I'd do it myself, but  my to-read list is already too big as it is.

  • Well, the problem with that is you would, ideally, need female VAs...having guys narrate a strictly mane 6 fic would be kinda weird ....well, that's just me...and I'm one to speak being the voice of Hired Gun and all.
  • I agree with EqN. Also, I generally dislike fics with the Mane 6 as I'm not a particular fan of having to imitate their voices. I prefer being able to do what I feel comfortable with when voicing characters.

    One project that could be doable as a pilot could be Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal. It's short and requires only two characters, one for the narrator/protagonist and another for Ol' Pal. Narrator could be voiced in any way, Ol' Pal would be a bit more interesting as he's basically a ghoul rastaman.

    I'd be willing to direct the project, if two of you wanted to voice act in it. I'm still looking around for other fics, in the meantime.
  • I believe you guys misunderstand me.

    I say this fic is ideal for multiple narrators not because of the different characters, but because of the different narratives. Besides, I, personally, do not see any greater issue with guys voicing the Mane 6 than I do with them voicing any other female character (which I'm sure you have all done at some point). It's not about matching the voice, it's about matching their tone. When you nail that, you'll sound believable.

    Also, that Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal thing doesn't suit my fancy. That's just me.

    Also also, inconvenient Trixie is indeed an epic tumblr.

  • This makes for a fascinating discussion on its own, the voicing of predominantly female voice by male narrators. My particular voice makes this quite a challenge, but it did allow me to discover something. If the listener enjoys your style and narration well enough they will be happy to overlook your inability to mimic voices and will even embrace and enjoy your interpretations. One thing that makes this work is to find SOME consistent voice for each character which has some giveaway trait to it. Applejack is easy of course and fluttershy can just be quieter than the others. I do Rainbow dash as a sort of faux Australian because I think of her as an adventuresome mare, a bit irreverent, which I mean as a compliment to that continent if you knew me at all. Twilight is a sort of everymare voice and I try to do The Princesses as a touch matronly and regal, but not too much. Pinkie is a real challenge for me so I try to just read her parts faster. The main thing is find your own voice for each character and stick with it. Very soon the listener will fall in line. That being said the multiple readers thing might be tougher because then you are not hearing variations of one voice, but a single variation of several. Still, there are always the "then Twilight replied" clues which keep the listener on target. All in all this might not end up being the best bit of fan-created work but I just think it would be great fun to work with others who like doing what I like doing. And outside the internet I do not know any audiobook readers.
  • DeftFunk said:

     I'd do it myself, but  my to-read list is already too big as it is.

    I know what ya mean. They write these things way faster than I can read them. No shortage of good material.
  • All very much agreed.

    Illya said:

    Pinkie is a real challenge for me so I try to just read her parts faster. 

    I say this in particular works rather well. I remember hearing you do this while I was listening to your reading of March to the Scaffold. I immediately recognized who you were imitating before you even got to the attribution.

    You know, I'd love to work with others on such things too. So hey Illya, enough spinnin' our wheels, let's team up! Got any good story suggestions? If not I got one right at the top of this page. I'm willing to bump this up my priority list if you're raring to go.

  • DeftFunk said:

    It's not about matching the voice, it's about matching their tone. When you nail that, you'll sound believable.

    Absolutely, but that's exactly what I'm not too keen on doing. I prefer coming up with my own interpretation for how characters should sound instead of being bound to a fixed model, so I'd rather be voicing OC's, generally speaking. It's not a hard rule, of course, just a general preference.

    I also guess that I'm biased in that I don't read much fanfiction outside of Fallout Equestria, heh. I'll give that sandwich thingie a more thorough look instead of the quick skim I gave it the other day and I'll get back to you.
  • Well DeftFunk, I'm willing if you are. To read, that Is, and record. I am not willing to take the lead. Someone needs to organize this. First, we need to find out who wishes to participate. Then distribute parts and organize the audio submissions. Then staple it all together. I am available to: 1. read and record a part. 2. Do some editing.
  • Fore the record, I read the Sandwich and didn't quite like it, to be honest, so I guess I'll pass. Not really my cup of tea.
    I guess that's actually for the best, though, because I can't really see it done by more than two people, unless you wanted to give each character a unique voice, for which we wouldn't have the numbers anyway.

    I'll keep on looking for more stuff in the meantime.
  • Illya said:

    Someone needs to organize this.

    Very well. The sandwich one it is. We'll make this a duet. You and I. Let's tango.

    Howzabout you read all the italicized text (6 sections in total if I'm not mistaken), and I read all the non-italicized text. You can then send your audio to me, preferably though my email ([email protected] yes, with an L) and I'll slap it all together and make the magic happen. All sound good?

    Aanok said:

    Fore the record, I read the Sandwich and didn't quite like it.

    Well that's a shame. To each their own I suppose.
  • Not wanting to seem like I have dropped the ball on this, it is going to be a couple weeks before I even have time to start recording it. My day job is hopping right now and I have a backlog of editing, but with some patience we might yet have a go at it.
  • Understandable.

    I'm in no rush. Take your time.