Recovering Adobe Audition Temp files
  • Welp, I had about the most Murphy's law day yesterday.   I spent all day recording chapter 16 of Heroes, over 2 hours of final product, and was just starting to edit it and one of my RAID0 SSD boot drives decided to go out to lunch..only time I've ever seen windows 7 bluescreen :p   Well, I have my data stored on a mirrored pair of RAID1 drives...degraded unfortunately as one of the drives already died a few weeks ago (Which ticked me off since it's less than a few months old.."  But the surviving drive was fine....but I can't access it the dam thing in another system or with any kind of live boot CD I've tried so far, they show up as invalid.   This may be because of the Raid controller or that it's a dynamic disk and I'll have to see if I can import it back in when I get an OS reinstalled.  I think, worst case, I should be able to use data recovery software to get at it.  Failing that I have one other option - I have another drive that is my Audition temp drive.  It has my temp file from yesterday so I'm hoping I'll be able to recover it.  Anybody have any experience with Audition temp files?   I'm guessing I'll need to install Audition onto my laptop and see if it will recognize the temp files or some other way to import them.  Of course this happened on my Sunday night and I wont have much time to work on it until Monday..ugh...soooooo pissed if I lost all that work.
  • Well, I was a able to recover the data drive so all it well there..whew!
  • That's a relief!
  • Yer tellin me...not that it would have been the end of the world to record it again but would have been a pain in the rear!
  • I hear you, an accident when Audacity crashed and corrupted the session, making me lose a chapter worth of recorded stuff, is the main reason why I switched to Audition.

    Also, Eqn, we have to arrange that radio play/narration thingie. I'm going to have to wait till next Tuesday when I'll have a final, then I'd say we could start working on that.
  • Probably have to push it to a bit later in the week regardless, I have a class for work until Wed, but will be off for a week and a half after that.  If you use skype you can find me as rainbow-glasses there, be easier to co-ordinate.
  • I'll add you, but I'm not online on Skype too often. We also live several timezones apart, so we might be better off just working through email.