Drumming up more activity and need assistant admin!
  • We've been far to quiet around here!   We need more folks to join!  More discussion!  More!   If you know someone who does narration or voice work, or other sites where you think a plug would be good then do so!   So far we're kinda dragging here and we need to drum up more interest in the site!  Other than myself I'm not sure who, if anyone is getting the word out.   We still do not have a lot of exposure - Unfortunately our plug on EQD just happened to fall on the weekend of BronyCon this year so went mostly unnoticed, going to see if I can get another plug in.  Posts on other forums where it seems appropriate would be helpful and as a single pony I can only do so much!

    Also - Would anyone like to help Admin the site?   So far it's just lil ole me keeping an eye on things (And the site owner of course) but could use another Admin to help keep the spammers out and help run the site.

  • I did try and reach CrazedRambling and he told me he'd give a look at the forum eventually. Guess he forgot.
  • Sorry, I don't actually know very many narrators or the like myself.

    Been finding out about most that I know through here.

  • I joined! Do I count as activity?
  • I'm just here cause someone told me there'd be refreshments =P
  • The Punch and Pie was a lie!
  • *makes some activity on these forums*

    I'll share this site around with friends.  :3