Unspecified Error
  • I keep getting an "Unspecified Error" when trying to upload one of the chapters from one of my books. I have tried three times but get the same message each time. I have checked and rechecked the file and it seems fine. It is well under 100 M so I cannot figure it out. Any answers?   -Illya
  • Send a message to MadMint, he should be able to help on that (He actually runs that side of the site).
  • Illya, were you able to get it worked out?  
  • Mmm, yes, this is mighty inconvenient.

    I just got another reading done myself, but alas, I'm getting this unspecified error as well.

  • There might be something else going on now, the main site says the file server is down.  I'll ask Madmint about it.
  • Yes, I saw that message too. Quite interesting.

    Physical problems it says. I wonder what exactly that means. Did the Data Center get hit by a meteor or something? Most unfortunate.

  • I remember at least one occasion of a server farm catching fire here in Italy. Fun times.