Fallout: Equestria - Pink Eyes - High Quality Audiobook.
  • Hey friends, I'm relatively new to the site... Sooooo I'm not sure if this is where I post stuff like this... I've begun reading Pink Eyes because there hadn't been a really clean, high quality version of it floating around. I've even gotten two VAs to help me out with it, and to help with variety. Ok well, I hope I did this right lol.
  • You thieving bastard! ;)   Let me know if you want me to do any voices/lines/fx 
  • XD I'm sorry, I'M SORRY!!!!! I really want to have you play a role. I'm just not sure who. Thanks for offering brother :D I would be honored to have your vocal talents grace my channel!

    :::Side note::: I figured out where to upload things... Yay! :3 
  • This is really good! And them bloopers :D